Local Flowers, Local Farmers:

A Growing Movement

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Photo Courtesy: Alchemy Farm

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Photo Courtesy: Roots Cut Flower Farm

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Photo Courtesy: Snell Family Farm

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Photo Courtesy: The Crooked Barn Flower Farm

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Photo Courtesy: Hillen Homestead

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Photo Courtesy: Redwood Roots Farm

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Photo Courtesy: Floramere

Local Flowers

Last Longer, Smell Better, and Offer Greater Variety!

If you’re looking for the freshest flowers to give to a friend or family member, if you need unique wedding or special event floral material, or if you have finally decided to buy flowers for yourself—just because—you’ll find them from our growers.

Members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers produce a huge range of flowers, everything from the familiar dahlias and zinnias, to exotic callas and curcumas, to fragrant garden roses and luscious garden peonies.

Best of All…

Local flowers are grown here in North America, and often may be cut in the morning, and decorating your dinner table that evening.

Supporting our local farmers and merchants is good for every community. And when it comes to buying flowers, there are so many other reasons to buy local.

Watch Our Community in Action!