Why Buy Local Flowers?

Supporting our local merchants and farmers is good for every community. But when it comes to buying flowers there are so many other reasons to buy local.

They Are Truly Local and Fresh

Almost 80 percent of fresh flowers sold in the United States and Canada are not grown in North America. You can easily find wonderfully fresh, long-lasting flowers from local farmers.

They Are Unique

Local cut flower growers are a passionate group, and grow an incredibly diverse selection of flowers, foliage, stems, and fruits. Let your inner designer go wild with the wide range of fun local floral material available.

They Are Responsibly Grown

Our growers strive to produce their flowers using responsible farming methods like integrated pest management, diverse cropping systems, and low-input fertilization programs. Their farms encourage important biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation.

Photo Courtesy: Old Friends Farm

Photo Courtesy: Buckeye Blooms

Photo Courtesy: Green Door Gourmet

Photo Courtesy: BeeHaven Farm

They Smell Better

Many commodity-type flowers have been bred for uniformity and to fit into a box, often losing their natural fragrance in the process. Locally-grown flowers are produced in greater varieties, providing a wide range of colors, forms, and scents.

They Support the Local Economy

The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contribute to a community’s economy, and provide employment and valuable agriculture experience to many.

They Make You Feel Better!

Flowers reduce stress and improve your mood. Flowers can be connected to a memory of a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They have a story, and you are part of it.

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