Les Batisses

Marlene Mazieres

Les Bâtisses

Saint-Pardoux-la-Rivière, Nouvelle Aquitaine 24470


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I am a former set designer and scenographer. After 19 years spent in Paris in the fashion world, I am now back to my roots, cultivating land where my father’s cows used to graze. Les Batisses was established a hundred years ago at the top of a hill comprised of a long stone house called a longere, along with a tall barn where my workshop is currently set up. Meadows are all round and have not been cultivated for the past 70 years. I fenced in a bit less than 4 acres, and flower beds represent 0,7 acres, which is enough for me, as I am the only person working on it. I planted many trees and shrubs upon arriving, for biodiversity but also for foliage and flower branches, and to protect the flowers from the ever-present wind. Les Batisses flower farm is a blend of what made me: a place driven by a search of beauty, respectful of its environment and open to the world. My aim is to create a farm where is it pleasant to work, both for me and visitors.

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